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Black Belt Security & Investigations, LLC, CEO Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. pictured below and center receives Role Model Award for Youth from the National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. 

. CEO Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. is pictured below meeting with President Obama while he was in Newark, New Jersey to discuss public safety issues, such as criminal justice reform.


B.B.S.I. CEO Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. is pictured below being inducted/sworn into the "Honor Legion for the Police Departments of the State of New Jersey." This prestigious honor is reserved for current or retired members of the police departments and police agencies of the State of New Jersey who have received departmental recognition, medal of honor, honorable mention, or other commendation for deeds of valor performed at imminent risk of life, or who have been commended for meritorious acts at personal risk.


A national voice in the debate on 
school safetyretired Police Officer & former Mayor Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. now CEO of "Black Belt Security & Investigations, LLC" argues in favor of protecting our children and reasonable gun control measures on the FOX Network TV show "Good Day - Street Talk" in New York.  


Below left, pictured below center Mr. Hawkins Jr., CEO of 
Black Belt Security & Investigations, LLC is photographed with Jersey City Public Schools Vice Principal Chris Gadsden and Host Lisa Evers in the New York studios of HOT 97 Radio. Click to listen to the controversial debate that streamed live throughout the nation on the topic of our kids and guns in schools.


Above right New Jersey Assemblywoman Spencer and B.B.S.I. CEO Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. debate firearms issues and upcoming State legislation on "New Jersey Now" My9 WWOR TV network with host Brenda Blackmon.

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