Building Skills and Competencies In Every Security Officer

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All BBSI Security Guards are licensed and trained consistent with New Jersey or New York State law. In New Jersey, where our agency is headquartered, all guards are SORA compliant and registered with the State Police. Company executives and various security personnel have specialized law enforcement, military & martial art training combined with MBA and Law Degrees that enable us to adapt to any corporate, business, legal or investigative environment.

Team members also have law enforcement and specialized training in:

  • De-escalation – Executive Protection
  • Investigations
  • K-9 Patrol & Detection
  • Martial Arts/Defensive Tactics
  • Active Shooter Scenarios
  • Disarmament Skills (how to take a weapon away from an actor without firing a gun)

BBSI can also offer institutions or other clients training such as but not limited to:

  • Danger Stranger Child Safety Programs – (Does Your Child Know What To Do When It Really Matters);
  • Abduction & Crime Prevention Strategies; and
  • Security & Emergency Response Planning.
Danger Stranger
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    New Fusion Kenpo Patch in old shape

    BBSI Defensive Tactics Training Center

    UFC Gym, 498 Main St, Orange, NJ 07050

    For training and self-defense classes ask for Shihan Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. or Professor Harry Baker of the Iron Dragon Karate Program.

    If you are a potential client in need of our services contact us today for a free consultation.

    If you are a security or investigative specialist looking for employment, visit our employment page for further information.